About Maids of Manhattan

Maids of Manhattan was established in 2011 by Property Armor LLC who has specialized and maintained properties across the east coast since 2009, including Florida, New Jersey, New York and Georgia. Maids of Manhattan was created to give New Yorkers the best possible cleaning and maid solution available while focusing on gaining the trust and approval of its customers each and every time we visit your home. Maids of Manhattan spends quality time on the training of our maids and we make sure we only hire individuals who understand and care about the importance of our customer’s expectations and demands so that we keep your business and strive to be the best maid and cleaning service here in New York City. Maids of Manhattan is operated out of our Manhattan office and we spend each and every day thriving to become New York City’s premier maid and cleaning service. We want our customers to depend on us just as much as we depend on them and the best way to do that is by creating a long lasting, trusting relationship that will carry on into the future and we promise we will do what it takes to earn and keep your business!